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An American Forrest is Western music. Country and folk. Ragged-voiced tales and wild, hybrid style, finger-picked and strummed guitar. His inspirations range from Canadian cowboys to anarcho-christian banjo players and buddhist hermits. Born on a small western Washington farm, Forrest drifted throughout adulthood, working on farms, boats, and kitchens, writing all the time. Finally he ended up in the wild Northeastern Corner of Oregon, on the back of a horse, and hasn’t drifted much since. Summers are spent in the wilderness with a pack string, and winters he tours throughout west, his shows and records garnering praise from No Depression, American Standard Time and Seattle CityArts, as well as opening spots for Corb Lund, Dave Stamey, John Craigie, and regular appearances at National Cowboy Poetry Gathering alongside legends Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Ian Tyson.


National Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Elko, NV), Tractor Tavern (Seattle), Mississippi Studios (Portland), Mission Theater (Portland), OK Theatre (Enterprise, OR), Green Frog (Bellingham), Moe’s Alley (Santa Cruz), Murray Bar (Livingston, MT), Lost Lake Lounge (Denver), Garage On Beck (SLC), Starline Social Club (Oakland), Amnesia (SF), Lonesome Rose (San Antonio), Magnolia Motor Lounge (Ft. Worth), Adair’s (Dallas), Owl Club (Tucson), Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao, Spain), Folkroom (London),

Performed with 

Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Corb Lund, Dave Stamey, BJ Barham (American Aquarium), Colter Wall, Reckless Kelly, Cody Canada, Noah Gundersen, Dom Flemons, John Craigie, Jeffrey Martin, Ian Fitzgerald, Bryan John Appleby, Roselit Bone, Bart Budwig


"These are the real cowboy blues -- long stretches of road, loneliness, inscrutable feelings and people. Forrest's spare arrangements create a stark soundscape that reflects the mountains and mesas that inspired the lyrics. This is already a strong contender for my top ten of the year.”
Rachel Cholst, No Depression

"One of the highlights of 2018 was getting to see An American Forrest live. He’ll be a new artist to most, but earlier this year the cowboy walked out of the wilderness with one of the finest albums I’ve heard.”
Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

“Boldly sung poetry takes on every color of the roots/country  spectrum, from Appalachian arrangements to Pacific Northwestern  sweetness and a pinch of Southern grit”
Seattle CityArts

"He tugs long-standing traditions into the 21st century with a  durable appreciation for the truth and beauty, his boots kicking up the  soil on his travels across the western frontier."
Jason Scott, B-Sides  And Badlands

"With an authentic grit to his vocals  and subdued instrumentals, Van Tuyl is reminiscent of a young Steve  Earle, though, arguably, Van Tuyl outdoes Earle with his heartfelt and  melancholy lyrics."
Jasmine Rochelle, Lula 1892

"An American Forrest serenades the cows..."
Clara Maurer, NPR Tiny Desk