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Forrest VanTuyl is a songwriter and poet from Goldendale, Washington. His work is based on years spent packing mules and cowboying in the remote alpine and canyon country of Eastern Washington and Northeast Oregon. He has performed at The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, written music for the US Forest Service, and been published in the New York Times.


"These are the real cowboy blues -- long stretches of road, loneliness, inscrutable feelings and people. Forrest's spare arrangements create a stark soundscape that reflects the mountains and mesas that inspired the lyrics. This is already a strong contender for my top ten of the year.”
Rachel Cholst, No Depression

"He tugs long-standing traditions into the 21st century with a  durable appreciation for the truth and beauty, his boots kicking up the  soil on his travels across the western frontier."
Bee Dolores, B-Sides  And Badlands

“Forrest serenades the cows” 
- NPR Music